Improve Grades With Hypnosis

Improve Grades With Hypnosis

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Jessica’s Story

“I get really worried when I have to take tests at school. I study real hard but the answers aren’t there when I take the test. I feel like there isn’t enough time!” In addition, Jessica was frustrated by difficulties in math.

Jessica came to me when she was 13 years old. Her parents were concerned as her anxiety about taking tests was increasing and nothing they tried was working. We met in my office in San Mateo, California. After just three visits she had all the tools she needed for success with math and tests.

Kids Take to Hypnosis Like a Duck to Water

Hypnosis has been utilized successfully for decades as an excellent tool for quickly and effectively helping to make changes. Millions of children suffer needlessly with their issues because there is a general lack of awareness and information about the benefits of hypnosis for children. There are fears that hypnosis is similar to what’s been witnessed at stage shows and on TV. This is, in reality, nothing like therapeutic hypnosis.

Research around brain waves reveals that there are four main wavelengths or types of brainwaves: Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. “When a child is between the ages of 2 and 6, their brainwaves are predominantly in the Theta state, which helps explains their rich imagination and creativity at this stage of child development. As adults we experience this state when dreaming, in deep hypnosis, meditating, or “in the zone” such as occasionally occurs in sports or when ‘lost in music’,” states Daniel Britton, a children’s author and education expert. (is this quote copied exactly?From six to twelve years of age, children’s brainwaves accelerate to the Alpha state.

For adults the Alpha state occurs when we meditate, daydream or enter the lighter states of hypnosis or ‘highway hypnosis’. So you see, children technically are already in a state of hypnosis when they come to see me.

How Jessica Was Able to Make the Changes:

  1. I keep “magic rocks” in my office and she (her imagination or subconscious) decided how the rock was going to help her. Every time she studied, all the information she was learning was going to also go into the rock. When she had a test at school, voila, the rock was with her to “give” her the information she might be forgetting.
  1. Jessica wanted to feel more confident and relaxed when she took tests so we discovered a “special place” where she felt very calm and peaceful (and very smart too!) and we anchored that feeling to every time she picked up a pencil for a test. That same feeling that she felt in her “special place” would come over her each time she picked up a pencil.  She was then able to relax and go about the business of taking her test easily and comfortably. (Even finishing the test early!)
  1. Her math problems were solved by the same “magic rock”. It allowed all the numbers and information she was studying to flow into special compartments in her brain that processed the information in a new way. This was the “math department” of her brain. It made sense of math problems in a way the “old Jessica” couldn’t.

The Results

In three sessions we were able to change Jessica’s response to taking tests and her ability to work with numbers and math studies. She has so much more self confidence and self esteem. Does she feel great about herself now? Absolutelyand I also taught her self-hypnosis so she could learn to make more positive changes for herself in the future. There is nothing as wonderful as a child who has tools to create their sense of control and empowerment over the challenges life throws them.

Does your child have any challenges that might be solved with a magic rock, a special place or some other tool?

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