Weight Loss

Are you tired of dieting and wish you could maintain an attractive, healthy weight without struggling? You can change your relationship to food forever through hypnosis. Transform your limiting beliefs and behaviors around food by harnessing the power of your inner mind.

  • Imagine a life free of yo-yo dieting.
  • Become a person who is fit and slender for life.
  • Envision effortlessly making healthy food choices.
  • Enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Wear clothes with confidence and style – no longer needing to “hide”.

Why Fay Kelly

I understand the difficulties of struggling with weight loss. I’ve tried so many diets and weight loss programs over the last 20 years only to regain the weight back. All my money, willpower and effort made no difference as I ended up weighing more than when I started! I finally discovered how to quit dieting and keep my weight within an ideal range. Using my advanced hypnotherapy techniques and the power of your subconscious mind, you can finally have the body you want and deserve—for life. I bring my own experience, years of advanced professional hypnosis training, and nutritional studies to create a program that is geared to your personal needs.Your browser may not support display of this image. You will learn to utilize the latest research in Mind/Body science to help you reach your goal and most importantly sustain it.

  • No Pills
  • No Counting Calories
  • No Fad Diets

How I Can Help You

No matter how much or little weight you want to lose, you will be amazed at how easy hypnosis can cut your craving for carbs, sweets, and fattening foods. I will speak directly to your subconscious mind to help create healthy behaviors and positive thinking. Because you are in such a relaxed state during this time, you become more receptive to positive suggestions for permanent change.

There is no need to diet during our time together. I will help you change your attitude about food. You will not need to diet because your unhealthy behaviors will diminish. Self hypnosis will allow you to… direct your mind to a positive healthy outcome by using the power of your subconscious mind. What the Mind Believes the Body Achieves…

  • Stop eating when full
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Develop healthier eating habits
  • Eliminate unhealthy foods
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Feel better about yourself

Get Started Now!

If you are ready to take control of your weight and health, call me to learn how hypnotherapy can change your life.

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