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Each week pick one or two items from the following list and let them become a part of your life.  As these new behaviors become a habit, just like brushing your teeth, you will find the weight easily falls away without you feeling deprived.                                                                          

1.  Deep Abdominal Breathing: Breathe slowly and deeply downward below your lungs into your belly, hold it for a moment and SLOWLY exhale out with a sigh.  Stress causes people to eat more and deep breathing immediately reduces your stress load. You will also reduce the amount of cortisol in your body which is what helps us store excess fat in the abdominal area.  Breathe deep and notice your desire for cravings flows out on the exhalation.  Try for 2-3 times in a row every hour you are awake.

2.  Water Before Breakfast:  Drink about 16 ounces of water before your first cup of coffee or breakfast.  You are slightly dehydrated when you wake up in the morning and this not only helps detoxify the body from the night before but will energize you and will over the long run help you to reduce by about 1 pound per month or 12/year.

3.   Healthy Breakfast:  Have some protein like an egg with whole grain bread or whole grain cereal/oatmeal with a few nuts and milk and a piece of fruit within 1/1/2 hours of waking.  You are starting up your metabolism and  fueling your bodyand brain for the day (your brain is the biggest consumer of energy) and those that skip breakfast usually weigh on an average about 15 pounds a year.

4.   The 3 Hour Rule: Oh no!! Every three hours?– most people think if they eat this often they will get fat.  The opposite is true.  Eating small frequent meals maintains your blood sugar and energy levels and keeps you feeling full.  Eating frequently helps reduce cravings and controls your appetite.

5.  3 Hours Before Bedtime: It’s magical how if you eat close to bedtime your body just seems to pile on the weight. Unless you have blood sugar instability, avoid eating after 7pm if possible.  Your belly will be grateful.

6.   Fresh Fruit:  Replace fruit juices or dried fruit to increase your fiber intake.  The more fiber rich food you eat the fuller you feel and it’s much healthier for your body. Leave the skins and peels on and you increase the nutrients and fiber you are getting even more.

7.   Sleep 7-9 Hours:  Studies show that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night actually store more abdominal fat in the belly and weigh more than those who get the ideal amount of sleep.

8.   Eliminate “Whites”:  When you stop or reduce eating white sugar and white flour, the pounds will melt away.  Not only do they raise blood sugar levels fast but it is followed by a drop and your body wants MORE! Look at the labels of the crackers and breads you eat.  Many that say whole grain are enriched and not truly whole grain.  Look for the highest fiber breads and crackers with the least sugars – your stomach will be grateful.

9   Increase your Activity:  If you move an extra 20 minutes a day – that equals an extra 1 pound/month or 12 pounds/year.  Make it easy – a quick 10 minute walk in morning and evening or, 20 minutes at lunch.                             

10.  Stop Dieting!!!!!! Your subconscious mind HATES radical changes and deprivation in any form.  Focus on making small simple changes over a period of time. As you change your habits slowly, you are headed toward lasting and permanent success.  Give yourself treats and rewards – just make sure they are healthy or fun.  I used to love ice cream on the weekends, now I buy myself a book or go for a pedicure instead.

For more information contact Fay Kelly @650-773-6440 www.faykelly.com.

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